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Congratulations on deciding to submit your artwork. Regardless of whether a submission gets picked up or not, you should think of the submission itself as a milestone in your artistic journey.

You’ve produced work that you’re proud of -- that you believe should be seen by other people.

Please be aware, we receive many submissions each month, and simply can’t respond to everyone. But we love seeing your work, so please feel free to submit as often as you like.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the submission form.

Take your time to write thoughtful and detailed information about yourself and your artworks. The more insight you provide into your creative practice, the more likely your submission will be featured.

Painting, Drawing, Installation, Performance, Plein air, Printmaking, Sculpture, Watercolor, etc.

Ceramics, Crafts, Fashion, Glass, Jewelry, Metalwork, Textiles, Woodwork, etc.

Aerial / Drone, Editorial, Fashion, Fine art, Landscape, Portrait, Photojournalism, Macro, Street, Wedding, Wildlife, etc.

Graphic, Illustration, Motion, Product, Web, etc.

Art Collector, Curator, and/or I don't fit in any of the boxes.
A few times per year. It's something I've been wanting to get into. I love looking at art.

I usually touch my art supplies at least once per month. Long weekends and holidays are sacred. I might take an art course here or there.

Every weekend, or most weeknights. 10+ hours per week or more. A serious hobbiest or I have a day-job, but it is my goal to create full-time.

Full-time. 40+ hours per week or more. This is how I make my living, or I'm retired, it's all I do.


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Artistic Practice

Outside of the artworks you have submitted today, we'd like to know a bit more about your artistic practice in general to put your artwork submissions in context.

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