A Portfolio of Equine Art by Randi Evans

A painting of a white horse on a black backgroundThe Dancer, oil on canvas

Randi Evans is an artist who specializes in equine art. The artist’s lovingly rendered portraits of horses present a surrealist take on the elegant creatures, often with mystical, magical, and fantasy subject matter intertwined with the animal subjects. 

A painting of a horse on a dark backgroundEthereal, oil on canvas


Randi’s portfolio is packed with examples of the artist’s experimentation into different styles and subjects. Some works are heavily stylized, with an illustrative, print-like aesthetic and bright, otherworldly colours. In other pieces, Randi applies her skill at realism to subjects beyond the equine, producing softly blended, memorable works. 


The artist’s preferred medium is oil on canvas, though she notes she enjoys unwinding with smaller-scale watercolour works. Randi’s current portfolio includes a section of sketches and works-in-progress, and it’s interesting to get a look at the way a finished work might progress from initial sketch to final product. Randi’s artistic practice is as much aesthetic as it is therapeutic, and these lighter sketches reflect the latter.

A painting of a cat made with stylized brush marksunnamed, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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