Into Abstraction: The Art Portfolio of Ruby Lindner

A large abstract oil painting with several intersecting shapesLet's pretend we never met, oil on canvas

Ruby Lindner is a first-generation American artist of German heritage. Ruby grew up in Colorado, and began painting in the early 2000s, after time spent living in Europe. The artist got her start in representational painting, but soon moved into abstraction, where much of her portfolio is now centred. 

An abstract painting with smooth blended planes of colourThey say my music's too loud, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas


Ruby’s current gallery of abstract acrylic and oil paintings present forays into a number of exciting areas of abstraction. In many works, the artist favours neutral, earthy colour palettes, and I find it fascinating to see the level of variation even within a fairly cohesive palette.  Some works utilize tones that are reminiscent of human skin, in rich brows, tans, and peaches, while others seem to suggest landscapes, trees, and soil. In her Flows and Transitional Works, Ruby builds blended compositions in bright, saturated colours that are almost Georgia O’Keeffe-esque.


The focus in many of Ruby’s works are large brush marks that snake across the picture plane, reminiscent of the style of Noah NJ Bowman. Ruby’s acrylic abstracts feel a little rougher, a little more energetic and present with the way they present colours and textures.

An abstract painting with neutral huesScratching the crack in my veneer, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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