Passion for Photography: The Portfolio of Andy Humphrey

A photograph of a girl in front of a painted wallUntitled

Andy Humphrey is an artist originally from Barbados, and now based in New York. A chance encounter led Andy into a lifetime passion for photography, and his current portfolio is packed with photographs embracing a variety of disciplines and aesthetics. 

A photo of a sandy beach in BarbadosBarbados


In his photography practice, Andy seems drawn toward faces and portraiture. The artist’s portfolio features numerous photos of people, whether friends, family, or pure artistic subjects. The artist plays interestingly with colour and backgrounds in some of his portraits, often positioning his subjects in front of colourful backgrounds, such as walls emblazoned with street art. In others, the artist uses digital manipulation techniques to create a black and white aesthetic with pops of bold colour. 


Andy also experiments with digital manipulation techniques in his digital paintings gallery -- the artist uses a variety of tools to bring painterly touches to photographs of landscapes, city scenes, and floral subject matter.

A digitally manipulated photograph of a flowerUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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