Lush Colours and Textures: Art by Kathleen Willingham

A painting of flowers on a warm peach-coloured backgroundThe Valentine Bouquet, acrylic

Kathleen Willingham is a painter who works in both figurative and abstract disciplines, drawing on a strong grasp of colour theory and compositional principles to create dynamic imagery with lush colours and textures

An abstract painting with planes of bright colourLifting Spirits, acrylic and mixed media


Kathleen’s portfolio showcases artworks in both oil paint and pastel. It’s very interesting to be able to see the artist’s work with both mediums, and the way Kathleen’s style translates. In pastel works, there’s more of an emphasis on a gestural hand, and smaller, sketchy strokes of colour making up landscapes that feel immediate and lifelike. 


I really enjoy Kathleen’s abstract works as well -- in this section of her portfolio, the artist runs wild with colour and composition, creating works that are part geometric and part organic, with clusters of two and three-dimensional shapes, as well as lines and strokes of colour drawing the viewer’s eye across the picture plane.

A pastel drawing of a landscape with large fluffy cloudsEvening Clouds, pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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