Figurative, Abstract, and Landscape Works by Clayton R. Jones

An abstract painting with bright colours and heavy texturesMa'at, oil on canvas

Clayton R. Jones is a painter and mixed media artist who creates figurative, abstract, and landscape works. The artist embraces a gestural style in his paintings, rendering ocean scenes and abstract planes of colour with visible evidence of his painting process. 

A painting with splatters of yellow and red paintApocalyptic Wallpaper


It’s interesting to explore the contrast between Clayton’s abstract works and his figurative ones. The artist’s abstract gallery showcases artworks that are complex, full of overlapping splashes of colour, often reminiscent of works by Jackson Pollock. There’s a great sense of energy in these works. In the artist’s figurative gallery, that same energy is present but it feels more focused and perhaps more controlled -- even sweeping paintings of roiling waves have a sense of peace and quiet. 


In his Works on Paper gallery, Clayton presents a handful of black and white sketches and studies -- the subject matter in these works varies, but they are all figurative. The black and white colour scheme serves to highlight the artist’s eye for shadow and highlights, creating volume and presence for the figures.


A painting of a blue wave


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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