Art in A Diverse Range of Artistic Media by Maryam Vancouver

A painting of a figure with orange and red tonesThe colours of relaxation, acrylic on canvas

Maryam Vancouver is an artist based in, you guessed it -- Vancouver. The artist is a self-taught creator, and her current practice is informed by her travels around the world, and a decade spent experimenting in a diverse range of artistic media, from painting to ceramics to woodwork and Batik. 

A painting of a woman seated at a tableJoan, acrylic on canvas


Maryam’s online portfolio centres around the artist’s painting practice. Each gallery showcases canvases splashed with bright, saturated colour, sometimes in floral compositions, other times in works that depict human figures as well as abstract planes, coexisting in harmony. 


I really like the works in Maryam’s portrait gallery. Most of the works in this series feature a central feminine figure, depicted in large, confident brush marks with high-contrast planes of colour. Interestingly, the figures themselves seem to sit on the same plane as the colourful backgrounds and other details of the composition, lending to a sense of abstraction, like the figure is perhaps emerging in the viewer’s imagination out of a flat abstract painting.

A painting of a woman in a sunlit room painted in vibrant coloursOcean side Monalisa, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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