Curving Contours and Constructions: Sculpture by Felix Laguna

A sculpture made from salvaged woodhope, salvage wood

Felix Laguna is a sculptor who works in stone and wood, crafting monolithic abstract compositions that are sometimes functional and sometimes purely artistic. The artist favours curving contours and constructions that take on a wholly different aesthetic depending on the angle from which they are viewed. 

A zebra stone sculpture in an abstract composition of circlesCIRCLE OF LIFE, zebra stone


I really enjoy the way Felix incorporates fragmented, momentary elements of human figures into his pieces. Many of the artist’s wood and stone sculptures appear totally abstract when viewed from a certain position, but seen at a different angle have a distinctly human, feminine curvature. 


The artist favours variety in his media, taking advantage of different types of wood and the different grains and colour patterns that they offer. Many of Felix’s wood sculptures remind me of pieces by Andelko Oliveric, in the way that they draw the viewer’s eye across a complex shape with intersecting smooth contours. All of the artist’s sculptures are highly tactile, demanding a closer look and offering the temptation to touch.

A work in progress sculpture with contours in woodwork in progress

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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