Superhero and Fantasy Art by Steve Ferris

An illustration of a fantasy fiction sceneThe Warriors

Steve Ferris is an artist and illustrator who works with superhero and fantasy subject matter. Throughout his portfolio, Steve employs styles ranging from near photo-realistic, to more cartoonish, stylized, and illustrative techniques, producing immersive works that grab the attention of the viewer. 

A painting of a woman dancing for King KongA Private Dance


In our previous feature of Steve’s work with fantasy subjects, we looked at how the artist employs dynamic poses and backgrounds to build an engaging narrative around each of his images. Many of the works in Steve’s portfolio hint at strong influences from artists like Frank Frazetta. The sense of comic-book bombast and fluid movement is strong throughout Steve’s works. 


Though he deals often in stylized illustration and fantasy worlds, Steve is adept at realistic figure drawing. The artist trained at SUNY, mastering figure drawing under the instruction of Rafael DeSoto. The precision in Steve’s figures, whether man or mermaid, speaks for itself -- the artist masterfully renders the planes of muscles and bones with such exacting detail that it seems like the figures might leap off the page at any moment.

A drawing of a warrior riding a horseDeath Dealer

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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