Gorgeous Land and Seascapes by Pamela Neswald

A painting of an ocean landscapeNorth Shore Blows Me Away (Again), oil on linen

Pamela Neswald is an artist who currently lives and works in Hawaii. In her practice, Pamela specializes mainly in landscape and figurative paintings, capturing gorgeous land and seascapes of her local environment, and utilizing the fiery tones of sunsets to capture every bright, colourful detail.

A painting of a mermaid underwaterWithin Her Element, oil on stretched canvas


I really like the works in Pamela’s Joy Girl collection. The artworks in this gallery vary quite a bit in terms of subject matter, but there is a strong undercurrent of joyfulness and exuberance, whether the artist is painting a detailed, gestural portrait of a mermaid, or a bright and fun rendition of tropical fruit. The sense of playful experimentation runs strong in these pieces, and the thick, bright paint lends a sense of inviting tactility to each work. 


I find that Pamela’s landscape paintings are a bit more meditative. Many of these works depict beaches, and as such the planes of pale yet rich beige sand allow for a grounding point at the centre of each canvas, giving the viewer the sense of lying peacefully on the sand, if only for a moment or two.

A painting of a brightly-coloured pineapplePsychedelic Pineapple

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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