Works of Stained Glass by Catherine Hart

A bouquet of stained-glass daisiesBouquet of Crystal Daisies

Catherine Hart is a glass artisan producing works of stained glass -- originals, commissions, and restorations. Catherine’s portfolio showcases the artist’s expertise with the medium, and her ability to find balance between the light-filtering qualities of the glass, and the sculptural opportunities afforded by the metallic elements. 

A stained-glass artwork of a seashellSeashell


I’m really impressed by some of Catherine’s more sculptural works -- in her gallery A Bit of Whimsy, we see a bouquet of delicate glass daisies, placed in a vase to catch the light just right, as well as an example of a stained glass window panel with a sculptural element affixed to its surface. I think this combination of classic stained glass with unexpected three-dimensional elements produces a very contemporary feel, which sits in exciting contrast to the sometimes vintage-leaning aesthetics of traditional stained glass art. 


Catherine embraces these traditional aesthetics throughout her portfolio, making figurative glass panels that expertly utilize pared-down figures and colour schemes, producing images that are instantly recognizable while still taking full advantage of the unique visual possibilities of glass.

An abstract stained glass panel with orange and white glassSea Tangle

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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