Portraits and Illustrations by T.S. Becker

A painting of several anonymous figures in black and whiteIs What it is

T.S. Becker is an artist who works in coloured pencil and other traditional media. The artist’s portfolio features portraits and illustrations, mostly of human figures, in a subdued colour scheme -- as well as vibrant face and body painting. 

An artist's self-portrait done in charcoal with dramatic lightingself portrait in charcoal


T.S.’s face paintings are a great example of how the body can be utilized as a painting surface -- it’s always interesting to see how an artist makes their aesthetic work with a three-dimensional substrate, especially a canvas that’s as varied as the human face and body. T.S. does a great job of designing her images to frame the human face and work with its unique contours. 


In traditional artworks, T.S. expresses that affinity for the human form through illustrative works that capture bodies in motion, as well as in simplified, almost symbolic gestures, with features removed or subdued to the point where they become almost eerie, perhaps like mysterious figures seen in one’s dreams. 

A face painting with a white ground and black streaks around the eyeshallows

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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