An Experimental Approach: Art by Sarah Rodriguez

A digital artwork of a distressed-looking figureMeltdown, digital drawing

Sarah Rodriguez is a student artist hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas. In their current practice, Sarah takes an experimental approach, working a range of media from sculpture to charcoal to digital drawing. 

A digital drawing of a hand holding a spider lilyRed Spider Lily, digital drawing


Sarah’s current studies are focused on digital art and animation. I’m really enjoying the artist’s digital artworks -- Sarah’s digital figures, in particular, are fascinating for the way they showcase a depth of emotion. The artist’s use of layered sketchy lines and sparse colour palettes lends to the sense that these images could be stills from an animation -- each one seems to suggest a further narrative. 


It’s interesting to be able to see Sarah’s work with a variety of other media elsewhere in their portfolio. From a wire frame sculpture of a car to ephemeral land art, I can imagine how each of these pieces might help to inform an animation and digital drawing practice.

A digital artwork expressing the feeling of being strangledStrangled, digital drawing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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