Susan Hohwiesner's Landscapes of California and New Mexico

An acrylic painting of a rocky, grassy landscapeRoger's Rock, acrylic

Susan Hohwiesner is a painter and pastel artist who tends toward still life and landscape subject matter. In her current portfolio, Sarah showcases the beauty of landscapes in Southern California and New Mexico

A painting of a large tree in the moonlightmoonrise

From dry plains to mossy forests full of old-growth trees, Susan captures the variety of landscapes along the west coast of the United States. Hailing from New York state, the artist has plenty of experience and different regional views to draw on, and her works capture the vastness and variation in different landscapes. 


I like the level of detail that Susan is able to pack into each of her pastel images. The artworks seem to sit right on the edge of photo-realistic detail, perfectly balancing a painterly, slightly gestural approach with a finished product that looks polished. Susan does a great job of never overworking her pieces, always leaving that little bit to the imagination to evoke an impressionist aesthetic.

A painting of wildflowers on a dark groundDragonfly

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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