The Art Portfolio of Experimental Musician Jonathan Lachance

A still image of the packaging for an experimental albumGuet-apens

Jonathan Lachance is a conceptual artist and experimental musician who works in a variety of sonic and aural media, producing sounds and music that are both otherworldly and strangely familiar, like distant recordings filtered through subconscious dreams or memories. 

A still image from the album art for Borderline InacceptableBorderline Inacceptable


Many of Jonathan’s sonic compositions utilize the harmonica. It’s interesting to go into these recordings with a knowledge of what the harmonica traditionally sounds like, only to be presented with a soundscape that seems to completely contradict that knowledge. Jonathan’s use of sound manipulation techniques such as distortion medals and post-production mixing create a sound that is quite otherworldly. 


The artist frequently works in collaboration with other artists such as Charlotte Clermont and Guillaume Vallée, sometimes in a purely musical regard, and other times to add visual accompaniment to the auditory pieces. These aesthetic interventions, as well as Jonathan’s descriptions of the finished products, lend to an overall sense of exploration.

Cover art for an experimental music albumLabyrinthique

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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