Floral Design, Food Styling, and More by Jacqueline Janecke

A photo of a dark forest in the snowNo. 102

Jacqueline Janecke is an artist who works in a variety of niches, including floral design, food styling, photography, and painting. The artist works toward a consistent aesthetic throughout her portfolio, emphasizing a slightly subdued, antiqued colour palette and floral accents. 

A photograph of a water jug with purple flowers and plumsUntitled


I’m interested in the way Jacqueline’s paintings sit alongside the rest of her artistic oeuvre. At first glance, the works in her Poems series seem to contrast strongly against the aesthetic of her photography and floral styling, with their highly saturated colours and geometric compositions. However, the notion of these works as “poems” seems to help integrate them -- while they are visually loud, it’s the quiet, textural moments and individual, poetic brush marks that solidify the personality of these paintings. 


Jacqueline’s Southfield wallpaper project is a fascinating combination of found imagery and planned composition. Using numerous squares of postcards, sketches, existing wallpaper designs, and more, the artist builds a kind of quilt of imagery across an entire wall in a home.

A painting with bars of red and scribbled line workvalentine

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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