Landscapes, Human Figures, and Abstractions by Guntis Jansons

A painting of a rock surrounded by spindly treesAfternoon Rock, oil on canvas

Guntis Jansons is a painter who works primarily in oil on canvas, creating works depicting landscapes, human figures, and abstractions with an eye toward colour relationships and scenes divided into shapes; flat planes of saturated colour. 

A painting of abstracted figures in a surreal compositionThe Golden Child speaks with the Barbarian, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the way Guntis’ painting style lends itself to realistic subjects like landscapes and nude figures. Using an impressionist style of visible, heavy brush marks layered over top one another allow the artist to capture the pattern of sun dappling in a forest scene, for example, while the same technique, with tightened blending and colour mixing, captures the variations in skin tone and shadow on a human figure. 


Guntis’ Fireside Visions paintings capture a surreal aesthetic, blending half-present figures and abstracted landscapes in a way that lets the viewer’s mind fill in the details. These paintings appear different with each glance, and probably in the mind of each separate viewer.

A painting of bright orange clouds at sunsetWatagan Clouds, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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