The Art Portfolio of Anastasia O'Melveny

A mixed media artwork incorporating photo and painting elementsRivers They Run, photography and paint with multimedia elements

Anastasia O’Melveny is an artist who works in a wide range of media and styles, including watercolour, graphite, photography, mixed media collage, and even some multimedia elements such as sound. Anastasia is self-taught and currently lives and works in Massachusetts. 

A mixed media artwork depicting two loons on a pondNever Such Danger, graphite, paint, mixed media, collage, multimedia sound


The artist’s gallery of recent work showcases a cumulative expression of the local landscape including people, wildlife, and vast, natural expanses. The huge amount of variance in Anastasia’s style creates the sense that each series of work is a kind of summation of different thoughts and viewpoints on similar subjects, and the portfolio as a whole has a pleasantly experimental feel to it.

A screen capture of Anastasia O'Melveny's art portfolio


I get the sense that Anastasia creates artworks primarily for her own enjoyment, and the resulting works are imbued with a sense of lightheartedness. Technically, the artist’s style is gestural, with visible brush marks that celebrate the quality, texture, and materiality of whatever type of paint Anastasia is working with.

A watercolour painting of a winter sunsetWinter Sunset from a Forest Ridge, watercolour on RSG gesso panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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