Painting and Cold Wax Media Art by Diane Lounsberry-Williams

A mixed media artwork with a large plane of flat colourA New Morning, oil and cold wax on panel

Diane Lounsberry-Williams is an artist who has lived and worked all over the world, with her travels helping to inform an artistic practice inspired by history and architecture seen through a contemporary lens. The artist’s recent abstract artworks incorporate elements of painting and cold wax media.

A painting with pale green tonesDuende, oil, cold wax, and acrylic on canvas


I love the sense of texture in Diane’s artworks. The works in her 2020 painting gallery have a somewhat subdued colour palette, with large planes of white and pale green at the forefront. The artist takes an interesting approach to layering in these pieces, with darker, shadowed elements at the corner of the canvas, creating a sense of depth and lightness. The central planes of pale colour give these works a weathered, aged look as well, as if the viewer is looking at a fresco painted hundreds of years ago. 

The front page of Diane Lounsberry-Williams' art portfolio


Diane’s paintings from 2018-2019 have a darker, heavier overall aesthetic, with an emphasis on warm reds, oranges, and earth tones. These paintings have a strong weight and presence, and the variable textures make them great for looking closely.

An artwork made with oil and cold wax mediumMadrugada, oil and cold wax on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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