Clear Visual Communication Design by Robert Porazinski

A selection of frames from a powerpoint presentation for a dental companyHu Friedy PowerPoint presentation

Robert Porazinski creates works of communication design under his studio name, Zinski Design. In his practice, Robert focuses on developing clear visual communication through the use of cohesive colour schemes, highly visible text, and well-organized information. 


A series of visual advertisements for Grolsch beerGrolsch beer ad series


Robert’s current portfolio showcases communication design in a wide variety of formats, from websites, to promotional pamphlets, to logos. Throughout his body of work, Robert maintains an eye for balance, often working with large planes of flat colour, highlighted with minimal text and complementary imagery. 


I appreciate the way that Robert balances bold, eye-catching designs with a wealth of information. The way the artist structures pages, posters, and layouts leads the eye naturally to the next logical piece of information, imparting key facts in a way that feels organic.

A selection of brochure and marketing material designs for an insurance companyGallagher Benefit Services collateral

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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