Meditative and Exuberant: Art by Chía Ortegón

A painting with layers of texture and blue green pigmentEmbrace, acrylic on canvas

Chía Ortegón is an artist originally from Bogota, Colombia. The artist has spent time living in Italy, and currently resides in Costa Rica. Chía’s practice is informed by a deep sense of spirituality and an aesthetic sensibility that is at once meditative and exuberant

A painting of a face with flowers surrounding itSpirit behind the face


Much of Chía’s work incorporates themes of divine femininity, utilizing imagery of female figures in conjunction with abstraction and occasionally digital manipulation techniques. While many of the artist’s pieces take the human figure as a jumping-off point, the artist’s use of layered colour and intuitive compositions elevates these to a plane of meditative abstraction. The viewer can choose to examine a piece closely and draw out specific details, but it seems just as worthwhile to gaze at these images and take in the entire picture plane at once, gaining an impression of the energy and mood therein. 


Chía makes great use of colour in her work, often working with a diverse palette across a single picture plane, and using contour lines, layering, and other techniques to emphasize the intersections between different hues.

A large scale artwork depicting a spiritual portalRainbow Portal

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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