Cities in the Sky: Installations by Tomas Saraceno

An installation featuring nets strong enough to support human weight, high above the groundIn Orbit, installation

Tomas Saraceno was trained as an architect, a fact which instantly becomes clear upon viewing his works. He creates large, interactive installations that are like cities in the sky.


His recent installation, In Orbit, comprises a network of white mesh nets and mirrored globes suspended high above a gallery space. Viewers can walk over and through the different levels of netting, creating the feeling of walking on air. I love the way this netted, architectural aesthetic carries through into so many of Saraceno’s works – in Cloud Cities, cellular clusters of plastic bubbles infiltrate a natural park skyline, or, in another iteration of the same work, metal and glass polyhedrons rise over the roof of a building.


An installation made from a massive, segmented clear plastic bubbleOn Space Time Foam

Saraceno’s works explore alternate ways of living in a speculative future. They are also celebrations of natural form, emulating the appearance of soap bubbles, microscopic organisms, and even spider webs. 

A sculptural installation made to emulate the morphology of spider webs14 Billion

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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