Broad, Clean Landscapes: Photography by Jim Friesen

A photograph of the ocean on an overcast day, with a hint of sunSun Dog

Jim Friesen is a prolific photographer who specializes in broad, clean landscapes, drawing out the colour and atmospheric mood of each location that he captures.


a photo taken out the window of a car while driving through canola fieldsDriving 1 (Canola Field)

On his website at, Jim categorizes his photographs by location. A viewer can browse through a whole collection of photographs of Japan, or of the prairies, or even the beaches of the west coast in British Columbia. In each location, Jim maintains his distinct stylistic approach, but he uses the different colours and lighting qualities available in each place he visits to lend each photo and group of photos a unique regional flavour.


I like the series of photos that Jim has taken in Japan, particularly in contrast to his photographs of western landscapes. He does a good job of showcasing quieter, more intimate spaces, such as an empty bedroom, or a koi pond, alongside natural outdoor terrain and structures.   


A photo of two pillows against a wall in an empty bedroom in JapanTwo Pillows

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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