Tense Installations by Jose Davila

A sculptural installation with a sheet of marble held upright by the tension of tiesAllure, allure marble, straps and eyebolts

Jose Davila is an artist based in New York whose work harkens back to the height of minimalism. He often uses raw materials, like marble slabs, only slightly altered by having neon-coloured straps wrapped around them – or square pieces of glass stacked in front of one another to create a gradient as the opacity increases


The simplicity of Jose’s works allows for calm contemplation of his architectural forms. It is easy to see Jose’s architectural education shine through in his art. Many of the pieces appear highly constructed and geometric in form, utilizing the negative space in the gallery to play off one another, rather than existing as singular entities.

a series of squares painted in acrylic on a wallFlat Nucleus, acrylic paint on wall

The tension present in much of Davila’s work – he often uses long sheets of glass or marble held in place only by the tension of a tie-down connected to the wall, or leaning on a part of the architecture itself – is a feature I find fascinating and something that makes me want to closely examine the works and their interactions with the space.

A photo of a black balloon floating above a tableThe Play-Game of the Possible, piezography print on cotton paper



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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