Beautiful Form and Efficient Function: Designs by Joel Yatscoff

A photo of a set of picture frames sold at UmbraDwell Multi Frame

Here’s something a little different for today’s featured artist post – Joel Yatscoff is a product designer currently located in Toronto, Ontario. Joel’s designs for everyday products are a great examples of what modern design should be – a marriage of beautiful form, and efficient function.


Website of Joel Yatscoff's industrial

A small, clean-looking game with plastic rabbit-shaped piecesBunny Hop Solitaire Game

Even the design of Joel’s website is simple, attractive, and intuitive. The images presented on Joel’s online portfolio ( are clean and perfectly illustrate each item and its use. A major aspect of Joel’s design work is his products for use in the home, such as jewelry organizers, picture frames, and wall décor. As well as these, he has also created designs for tactical military equipment and hydro companies such as General Electric. It’s nice to see this kind of versatility in design, and the ability to design both simple picture frames as well as important technological components which are driven primarily by function.


Joel’s work as a designer in various capacities has been recognized by design institutions like IDEA and the US Patent and Trademark Office. He is currently a resident designer at Umbra.


An innovative design for a portable electrical outletArconas In-Power Flex

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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