Celebration of Shape and Form: Paintings by Linda Henningson

A painting with some daisies inserted into an abstract, pink and blue backgroundDew, arcylic on canvas

Our featured artist for today is Linda Henningson. Linda graduated from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, in 2006 and has been painting professionally ever since. Her works are colourful and expressive in their use and celebration of shape and form.


Many of Linda’s paintings echo natural forms, vaguely emulating the shapes of plants, or coral, or even microscopic systems and cellular diagrams. In her most recent paintings, she takes the recognizable shapes of plants that a botanist could surely name offhand, and combines them with bizarre, outlandish colour schemes, and places them in otherworldly scenes.


An abstract painting with a cluster of small dots of paint clinging to longer "branch" shapesAmsonia, acrylic on canvas


Website screen capture of Linda Henningson's paintingsLinda Henningson's paintings from 2012, on www.lindahenningson.com

These plants are beautiful, but I really like the way that Linda can easily bring her work into the realm of pure abstraction, without losing anything in the composition. She explores colour relations, texture, and shape often all in the same painting, while favouring rounded, blob-like organic forms. These can appear as giant, planetary objects looming over an entire side of the canvas, and they can also orbit the larger forms or dot the rest of the canvas, swarming and rising together.


An abstract painting with rounded shapes and clean edgesAmabilis, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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