Pop-Cultural Portraits: Paintings by Amber Petersen

A tiny portrait painting of Dale Cooper from Twin PeaksTwin Peaks - Coop II, acrylic and ink on miniature canvas

Amber Petersen, our featured artist of the day, is currently located in Toronto, Ontario. She

works in both painting and photography, and I find that her work shows an interesting contrast in the way she uses each medium.


I am particularly fond of Amber’s paintings, which are often pop-cultural portraits of known faces. Many of her paintings are on a tiny scale, as small as 2”x2”, which is unusual and somehow refreshing in a time when the art world seems to demand work on a massive scale. I love seeing Amber’s take on actors and personalities from some of my favourite movies and television shows, as well as her paintings where she paints animals in a cartoonish style, or uses imagery from phrenology or palmistry guides adding a nice touch of the occult to her works.


Amber Petersen's website of hand-made buttonsAmber Petersen's handmade buttons on her portfolio website

A simplistic painting of a trailer on a small round canvasHome Sweet Home, acrylic, gel mediums and ink on circular canvas

Amber’s photos, on the other hand, are more peaceful and quiet in the way they are presented, though they show the same devotion to their subject matter. These works as well as information about purchasing Amber’s work can be found by visiting her internet portfolio.


A large black and white painting featuring a palmistry diagramPalmistry No. 2 - Protect Your Magic, acrylic, latex, gel mediums, and acrylic ink on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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