Bizarre Landscapes: Painting and Sculpture by Jonathan Hertzel

An abstract painting with many long colourful brushstrokesUntitled

Looking at Jonathan Hertzel’s work is like seeing an image transformed into different mediums. A sculptor and a painter, Jonathan’s bronze sculptures seem like fragments of his chaotic paintings, pulled off the canvas and made three-dimensional.


The sense of movement in Jonathan’s paintings is incredible. Despite their strictly abstract nature, I find myself viewing them more as landscapes, if quite bizarre landscapes. These images have a depth that allows the viewer to see their self falling into them, or travelling through them. This notion of being “in” the paintings is solidified when looking at Jonathan’s sculptures: they take the form of large, extended brushstrokes from one of the artists paintings, brought into our three-dimensional world and given personality.


An abstract with sharp, dark line-art mixed with pastel brushtrokesUntitled


A website screen capture of Jonathan Hertzel's sculpturesRe-Action Figures, an online gallery of sculptures by Jonathan Hertzel

Similar to the paintings, Jonathan’s sculptures are abstract, yet they still have the feeling of figures. They have a rough, unpolished texture to them and yet, as in the paintings, have a wonderful sense of clean movement.


A series of tree or figure-like abstract bronze sculpturesWax Wing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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