A Wide Spectrum of Illustration by Sara Kaltwasser

A colour drawing of a young man wearing a baseball capUntitled

Today’s featured artist is Portland, Oregon illustrator Sara Kaltwasser. Sara creates a wide spectrum of illustration working with various styles, subjects, and media.


One of Sara’s interesting projects is a collaborative, ongoing work called Defend the City, which is an online story chronicling life inside the fictional Heart City. The works on her webpage that deal with this alternate universe have a very particular style to them. Mostly digital works, they have the effect of propaganda posters, with slogans written out in large, block letters, the sentiment slightly skewed for a world of imagination and featuring strange, black-furred creatures rather than humans.


A digital drawing of an anthropomorphized black rabbit-like creatureUntitled


Traditional people and portraits by Sara Kalwasser on her illustration webpageSara Kaltwasser's online gallery of people and portraits

While the Defend the City works are all created digitally, I also really enjoy Sara’s hand-done works, using traditional media. She is quite proficient with the human figure and can depict a variety of subjects, each image brimming with colourful, individual personality.


A cartoon illustration of a pig wearing a tutu and singingUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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