Surreal, Mythical Artworks by Monique Blom

A mixed media painting of a girl reading a book to some rabbitsBut We Know Our Place, mixed media

Monique Blom, our artist of the day, has exhibited all over the world, and spent years working in the creative sector. Before becoming a full-time artist, Monique Blom studied sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and she has now branched off, developing a practice that includes sculpture as well as painting and design.


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A tryptich of paintings featuring a young girl interacting with animalsStory of She Tryptich, mixed media


In her current explorations, Monique is using mixed media to create paintings that have a surreal, almost mythological feel to them. Metallic paint of perhaps gold leaf embellishes paintings saturated in deep oranges and browns reminiscent of deserts and sunsets, and the figures of animals and children are often present, if slightly skewed as one might see them in dreams. Monique also enjoys using patterns in a collage-like manner, overlaying them with blocks of paint or silhouetted figures. These surreal, mythical artworks as well as more of Monique’s works are available on her portfolio website.


An abstracted painting with the images of deer and tree branchesWhat a pleasant world it would be, mixed media


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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