Palette Knife Paintings by Jeanie Gebhart

abstract oil painting using blue and yellow colors.Abstracted Dancer, oil


Our featured artist for today, Jeanie Gebhart, paints in oils using a palette knife as her primary tool. This somewhat unconventional painting technique results in images that are an interesting visual leap away from traditional brushwork.


When I look at Jeanie’s abstract works I find I am reminded of seeing an image through a foggy window, or through water. Light and shapes are refracted in such a way that even knowing these are abstractions I can see a myriad of possible images coming to the surface, and then sinking away into the various pigments and layers of paint. The hard edge of a palette knife leaves individual strokes of paint that have an almost geometric quality to them.


abstract painting that is mostly red with a splash of white in the middleAbstracted Flower in Red Pot, oil


Jeanie’s palette knife paintings are very focused in the way that they use colour – often a painting will favour a single colour in various tints, with one or two moments of a complimentary colour making a small appearance. This creates a nice touch of depth in paintings that may seem simple at first glance.


abstract painting with mostly blue colors with a shape in the middle that appears almost roboticAlone with Juice and Flower, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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