Pastel Landscapes by Robin Street-Morris

Robin Street-Morris grew up in Michigan and now works in San Diego, California. Her works are strange, eerie yet calm watercolour, and pastel landscapes. They evoke many a dark foggy night or misty morning.

pastel landscape of a foggy lake

Dawn Parts the Mist, mixed media on paper


These images could be described as vague, or hazy, but I find that they remind me of impressionist works, in that they depict more of a glance at the landscape, a feeling, rather than a long-developed photo. Robin uses a mixture of watercolours and pastels on wet paper to create the smoky effect in her artworks.


pastel drawing of a night sceneNemeton I, mixed media on paper

Her Nocturnes series is especially haunting, depicting nighttime landscapes - the mystery of a dark forest, or the cold blue of a sky at dusk. She utilizes pinpricks of lighter colours, which sometimes look like fireflies or stars, to illustrate human intervention into these nature scapes, bringing in light which is a focal point or a distraction.


pastel drawing at night showing crows flying in the sky over a silhouette of a Basilica

Crows Above Basilica, mixed media on paper


These and more images are avilable on Robin's art website.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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