10 Super Useful Art Exhibition Reminders


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Getting ready for an exhibition of your work is no walk in the park! There are so many things to remember that I'm sure to forget something each time. I put together 10 reminders of items that I risk forgetting when I have an exhibition. If you are working with a gallery then they may take care of much of this for you but there will still be a few things to remember!


1. Level

It's not very accurate to eye-ball the artwork for levelness so buy a small cheap level to get it perfect!


2. Hammer and nails


3. Sticky Tack 

Sometimes the wall in the exhibition space is not perfectly even, or the art surface has a very slight warp. Sticky tack can be applied behind each corner so that the work is flush to the wall.

sticky tack


4. Title cards/labels


5. Artist Statement - for the wall 


6. Binder with Biography, Artist Statement & CV


7. Price list


8. Postcard that can be taken away from the event with artist name and art at the very least.


hand signing the back of an artwork


9. Sign the work ( on the back or front according to your preference)


10. Packing material to transport work to the space ( save it and use it again when you transport any unsold work back to your studio or to the home of it's new owner)


AND most important - once it's all ready to go - a glass of wine and a moment to admire your exhibition and snap a few photos.


I hope my handy checklist of 10 super useful art exhibition reminders comes in handy for you. If you don't have an exhibition coming up then you can always bookmark it for later!


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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