Large, Loose, Bombastic Brushstrokes: Painting by Noah NJ Bowman

A large abstract painting with bright yellow tonesDespite Sunshine, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver, BC artist Noah NJ Bowman likes to paint with bright colours, pastel background, and large, loose, bombastic brushstrokes. Looking at his paintings I can see a huge amount of enthusiasm for the painting process and a genuine affection for the finished works.


An abstract painting with a background of multi-coloured polka dotsContemplation of Universal Complexion, acrylic on canvas

Noah’s method of working favours the gestural and the spontaneous. In a similar vein, Noah also experiments with the form of his surfaces – sometimes painting on Also explores different surfaces – paintings that are on corner canvases, paintings with chunks of the canvas cut out. You can see these and other formal explorations on his website:


Working primarily in acrylic paint, Noah uses abstraction as a basis for communicating the human figure. While some of his paintings are purely abstract, he often incorporates nude figures and purposeful geometric forms into them, allowing the viewer the experience of discovering new elements with each viewing. 


A studio chair painted all over with abstracted designs.Breathing Without Air, acrylic on vinyl and metal studio chair

A screen capture of a painting gallery on Noah NJ Bowman's websiteSmall abstract paintings on Noah's webpage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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