Barns, Pets and Bright Colours: Paintings by Lesli Devito

A painting of a barn using bright colours and flat planesHollylane

Our featured artist today is Lesli Devito! Lesli currently lives in Virginia in a country house- a house which has become inspirational to many of her paintings of barns, pets, and bright colours.  


A painting of a sad-looking dalmatianPatches

I really like Lesli’s unique painting style, and the ultra-clean treatment of her subjects. She places stylized images of buildings, farm animals, cats and dogs against flat, brightly coloured backgrounds. Lesli uses these simple but eye-catching backgrounds in such a way as to make the subjects pop out of the canvas, and draw the viewer right in.


A portrait of a pig on an aqua backgroundAqua Pig

Lesli sells her paintiings on her website at, where she documents most of her paintings hung on the wall in her own home. This seems like a great business idea for an artist and lets visitors and potential buyers see how great one of Lesli’s works would look in their home or office. Lesli also offers custom pet portraits, which can be arranged through her portfolio page.  


A screen capture of Lesli Devito's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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