Quietly Tactile: Artworks by Maria Z. Madacky

An installation view of an indoor labyrinth with walls of thin white fabricWhite Labyrinth (finding the thread of the hero-path), participatory installation composed of hand-woven recycled fabric

Maria Z. Madacky is an artist and educator currently located in Lethbridge, Alberta – and our featured artist for today! Maria creates installations, assemblages, and other mixed media works using soft materials including various fibres.


A wall installation consisting of many square sheets of acrylic gel and inkWhisper, acrylic gel and ink

Maria’s works are all quietly tactile in their way, many using white or cream-coloured materials with an interesting texture. Her room installation works are inviting rather than imposing, and seem like nice spaces for meditation or contemplative thought. I think the absence of colour in many of Maria’s works is a good thing, and allows the viewer to focus on the materials and composition without too much distraction.

Homepage of Maria Z Madacky's artist websitewww.mariazmadacky.com

Also displayed on Maria’s website – www.mariazmadacky.com – are examples of her printmaking and painting works. In her prints, she explores pattern and texture in black and white, while in her paintings she often works with still-life subjects often in bright, vibrant colour. These paintings show off Maria’s technical skill, which comes into play throughout her entire body of work.


A series of three artworks that look like white monoliths in white framesHush I - III, installation view, wood, nails, string and plastic streets

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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