Website profile: 'Floral Forms' Paintings by Jane Crosby

A simple watercolour painting of a pitcher plant on a plain paper backgroundPitcher Plant, Newfoundland, watercolour

Our featured artist today, Jane Crosby, is a master gardener and watercolour painter with an affinity for floral forms.  Jane’s works show a talent for gentle brushwork and smooth, clean lines showing off the curving petals of her favourite subjects.


Flora gallery on the watercolour website of Jane CrosbyJane's gallery of floral paintings on her portfolio page

I really enjoy the way that Jane uses the inherent bleeding qualities of watercolour to capture the natural colour imperfections in plants. The way the colours pool in certain places with the fluidity of the medium also helps to capture the folds in the petals and leaves of various plants.


A watercolour painting of a teapot and a vase on a tableclothTeapot, watercolour

Jane’s skill and technique also translates well into her non-floral compositions. She still seems to have a good eye for choosing subjects that take well to the qualities of watercolour. In some paintings, teacups with floral patterns shine brightly and pop off the page with a beautifully smooth texture. In others, the inconsistencies of rust formations on metal are perfectly captured in earthy watercolour tones.


A watercolour painting of a rusted old pontiac carOld Pontiac, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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