A video still of a dnace performanceStudio Work, Tanya Lukin-Linklater (Still)

This month’s Curated Collection is all about film and video art. Artists began using film as a medium at the time that it was invented – it exploded as a form of experimental art in the 60’s and has been growing and evolving ever since. Now, with the merit of digital technology, there is even more that you can do with video!


Cube, John Douglas


Ever is Over All, Pipilotti Rist…


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You're an artist, or you want to be. You love art! You love seeing art! But of course, sometimes life and work gets in the way and it's hard to find the time to stop in at galleries and check out work by fellow artists. Here's a few more reasons to motivate yourself.


You'd want people to see your shows...right?


This is the most obvious reason. It goes both ways - you as an artist would want people to come out to your openings and…

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A watercolour painting of a mushroom-shaped icebergMushroom Iceberg, Clayboard, watercolour on clayboard

For today’s feature, let’s take a look at the watercolour works of Lisa Goren! Fascinated by snow and ice, from a young age, Lisa has made several trips to the arctic to further her understanding of her favourite subject matter. She continues to paint beautiful arctic landscapes, challenging opinions of the arctic environment, and of the limitations of watercolour as a medium.…

Lisa Goren's website of whale bone paintings

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A photograph of a cluster of well-kempt trees in front of a skyscraperLovers

Eric Deis’ expansive photographs demand that the viewer examine the entire image to fully understand what has been captured. Eric’s subject matter ranges from clean landscapes and cityscapes to crowded sporting events and interiors. The former allows the viewer a rare look at the details of nature – with Eric’s photographs, I can take the time to examine the shadow on each leaf of a tree, for example – and the latter, a…

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Opus Framing and Art Supply website


#1. Opus Art Supplies 

I used to work here!! So many memories. I can say first hand that this place is like a candy-store for artists. You can order a huge range of art products from these guys and have them shipped right to your studio. They also have a group of personel that can take your order by phone if you prefer. Check out their great selection of how-to videos and pdfs to get inspired on your next project. Here is a great…

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A painting where the subject appears to be painting the background around himselfIvan, Unfinished Series

Today’s featured artist, Jordan Weisenauer, is equally talented in both painting and photography. Jordan’s artworks deal with many different subjects, but the artist seems to have an affinity for faces, pop-cultural references, and a somewhat subdued palette.

A dimly-lit photograph of amateur phootographsUntitled

Many of Jordan’s paintings feature familiar subjects – well – known celebrities, movie characters, and references to famous artworks all…

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A black and white photo of Jean Dubuffet working in his art studio

Located in Vence, France, Jean Dubuffet’s studio was somewhat cozy by the standards of many well known artists, but it seemed to suit his method of working just fine. Nearly one entire wall of the space was taken up by windows, which must have allowed for a lot of gorgeous, natural light for hours, regardless of the season.  In the corner was a long, corner shaped desk at which Dubuffet must have created sketches and plans for his…

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Artist Survival Skills by Chris Tyrell book


Thank-you Chris Tyrell. I read this book when it was first released in 2008 and it was a timely look at some practical examples of ways in which artists are making their living and running their business. At art school there was no discussion about business. I remember learning about writing my artist statement and being made aware of the grant system for artists. But not about the basics of running my own business. The further I…

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A painting made up of strange, bacteria-like shapes and linesKriterion, mixed media on board

Today we’re featuring the artworks of Jarmila Kostliva. Originally from Prague, Jarmila now works as a painter, creating colourful, frantic imagery that draws from her experience in music, dance and theatrical arts.


Jarmila’s paintings and mixed media works often take on an appearance that is fascinatingly organic, sometimes recalling the patterns of moss on trees, or bacteria under a microscope.…

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A watercolour painting of a large ship at harbourLiberty Ship, watercolour on paper

Sophie Blouet, also known as BLOUET, is a watercolour painter located in Santa Rosa, CA. Originally from France, Sophie took up watercolour painting as a teenager in Paris, where she was trained by Ciree, a French artist and mentor. Now living with her family in America, Sophie’s paintings often focus on maritime subjects like seascapes and watercraft.


A watercolour portrait of a young womanVW, watercolour on paper

I’m always amazed…

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Fine Art Tips Blog


#1. Fine Art Tips

This is the art website of artist Lori McNee and I first disovered it on Twitter and was drawn in by the short and thoughtful articles published for artists. She openly shares great information that can help you sell paintings like this great article about corporate art collections and how they can be important art buyers: http://www.finearttips.com/2014/05/why-corporate-art-collecting-is-big-business-for-artists/…

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You might not want to be a full-time art teacher or professor, but there are plenty of opportunities for teaching art, either as a one-time deal, or on a part-time or occasional basis. While art can be a difficult thing to teach, it can also be fun and rewarding depending on the type of class you teach, the age group and level of skill of your students, and your own experience.


A few years ago while I was attending art school, I got a…

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A piece made of a folded-up shirt in a box, with some candy wrappersBeing This (M + M's), paper, textiles, found materials

Liz Magor is a Canadian artist who is currently located in Vancouver. Her works explore objects and their usefulness, and the accumulation of various material vices over a person’s lifetime. The motifs of cigarettes, candies, and other trinkets that one might find in the pockets of an old coat run throughout her body of work.


A box made of translucent rubber, filled with cardboard and papersAll The Names III, silicon rubber, paper, cardboard


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An oil painting of a cross-section of a nautilus shellFlying Nautilus, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Carmen Estrada. Carmen is a sought-after painter in her hometown of Mazatlan, Mexico, and works with clients to create custom commissioned paintings to fit a variety of spaces and decorative schemes.


A painting of a couple walking along a riverside path in a parkParis Rive Droite, oil on canvas

A screen capture of Carmen Estrada's art on her website"Homage to Great Artists" gallery on www.carmen-artistalatina.com

The nature of Carmen’s business means that her paintings are almost always a…

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