Artist's strategies for change


It's really easy to fall into a rut as we all know. As artists there will be patterns that we gravitate toward that become increasingly difficult to adjust. If we don't make a break for it we'll be stuck accomplishing the same tasks over and over again. Here are some artist's strategies for change.


Pick your target


Pick a target. But here's the thing - you have to pick the thing that you have been meaning to do for a while. Perhaps you've…

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A blback and white photo of Eva Hesse in her studio looking at an in-progress work


Today, let’s look inside the studio of American artist and sculptor Eva Hesse. Hesse had an unfortunately short but very interesting career as one of the most celebrated sculptors of the post-minimalist movement of the 1960’s. The style of sculpture that she often worked with is sometimes called “anti-form,” and it’s easy to see how this name would apply to Hesse’s works, which celebrate their materials, as she…

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A set of columns made from particle board and waxUntitled (Columns), OSB, wax

Today’s featured artist is from Quebec City, Quebec, and is currently living and working in Baltimore. Magali Hebert Huot has a particular interest in geometric forms produced in a variety of materials that would be more readily associated with construction and household projects than fine art.


An image of a stack of wax and particle board squares that create a square columnNave, wax, plaster, concrete, OSB

Magali’s works are brightly coloured, full of simple forms that combine to…

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An electrical outlet attached to the bottom of a car seatArconas In-Power Flex, Joel Yatscoff

This month’s Curated Collection looks at some of the amazing examples of industrial and product design that we have in our Artist Run Website community, and throughout the wider contemporary art and design community. Design is a vast and ever changing field, and designers may create plans and models that fill many different needs. One of the most well known “types” of design that you might hear…

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An oil painting of an old truck decaying in the woodsLost and Found, oil on canvas

Today we’ll take a close look at the artwork of David B. Scott. David is highly skilled in photorealistic painting, choosing an interesting array of subject matter that seems to express the decay of man-made objects in nature.


An oil painting of some junk inside an abandoned buildingRefuse, oil on canvas

A number of David’s paintings are of rusted shells of old trucks that have been left out in fields or wooded, rural areas to slowly degrade. There is a…

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A pastel drawing of a field with bales of hay strewn throughoutGetting Ready for Winter, soft pastel

Our featured artist for today, Edy Stoughton, is an artist from northern Michigan who paints pastel scenes of the local landscape, sometimes using a plein air approach. These plein air pastels capture all seasons of the countryside that Edy lives in, finding beauty in each different scene.


A pastel drawing of a snow-covered dune in MichiganWintry Dunes in Northern Michigan 2014, pastel

Pastels are something of a less common fine art medium, but…

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A painting composed of several abstracted faces in neon coloursIrrational Portrait, acrylic on canvas-printed photo

Jon Duci is our featured artist for today! Jon’s artwork is a visually explosive combination of dynamic lines, pop-culture references, and the artist’s own signature sense of humour about his works. Using painting, collage, and mixed media, Jon’s style is distinct in each different medium. 


A collage and mixed-media work with several advertising cutouts of faces and signsHERTZ, collage and acrylic on board

A screen capture of the mixed media artworks on Jon Duci's websiteMixed media works on


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A long, slightly abstracted painting of a tall young woman dressed in whiteCoquette, mixed media on canvas

Today for our artist feature we’ll look at the portfolio website of Eveline Wallace. Eveline’s works have a great sense of old-world-meets-abstract aesthetics, featuring iconic figures combined with contemporary brush marks and large planes of colour.


An egg-tempera painting of a traditional buddhaBuddha Amida, egg tempra on wood

In Eveline’s iconography series she paints familiar figures – such as various deities from Buddhism, Hinduism,…

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A photograph of Rita Ackerman working in her Brooklyn studio


Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1968, Rita Ackermann has had an illustrious career in art, showing in galleries across North America and Europe. She moved to New York at a young age to study and be immersed in the American art scene, and she continues to live and work there to this day.


Ackermann’s works could be classified as paintings, but she certainly does not limit herself to paint as a medium. I find most of her works have a…

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Watch out for bad galleries


How can you predict how an art gallery will treat its artists? How do you know if your gallery is a bad art gallery? Here are a few agreed-upon signs that your gallery is trying to do you dirty. I've been in the biz a little while and heard some truly outrageous stories of galleries being unfair and duplicitous towards their artists. On the flip side I know a few artists who haven't been that "up-front" in their dealings with…

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An abstract image with pastel coloured brushtrokesWestward

Allyson Malek is an artist located on the California coast. Her paintings are primarily abstract, and use pastel colours and rounded forms to create peaceful, relaxing images that express a pure love for painting and playful abandon with materials.


An encaustic collage with images of kitchen implements and patternsMonk Memories, encaustic, toner transfers and pigments

Allyson mainly paints in acrylic on canvas, though she has also produced some interesting works using encaustic, a medium…

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Three clumps of cotton and thread dipped into ceramicPorcelain, cotton and thread dipped into porcelain


Sarah Martin goes by the studio name Falling Moss, a moniker which fits perfectly with her use of natural materials, such as unprocessed wood, organic fibres, and even tea leaves. Sarah’s work has a distinctly natural feel to it, and it reflects a desire on the part of the artist to appreciate nature’s art materials.


A clump on knotted linen dyed green to look like a clump of mossLand, rug knotted linen, felted wool, acid dye


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