A photo of Lawrence Weiner in his home studio


Lawrence Weiner’s studio is located inside of a multipurpose building that the artist himself constructed with the help of his wife. The building, which replaced the artists’ house in New York (which was demolished for the purpose) boasts eco-friendly green roofing, several different work spaces, and a living archive.


The studio is not overly large, but it is bright and, as seen in the photograph above, has a mirrored wall…

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A collage with a single photo made ghostly with layers of gel mediumStatue, Anthropologie catalogue, other found images, gel medium, ink, graphite, chalk

San Francisco artist Ellen Hunt creates fragmentary, ethereal work that has the affect of old photographs found in attic boxes.


Ellen’s work has a personal centre that shows through a lot in her treatment of subject matter and materials. The idea of memory, past, and reflection runs deep through the artwork, while the vagueness of each subject…

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Drawing of David Hockney with a quote


The quote above from artist David Hockney really struck me because of his understanding of his mind while he draws and his ability to express that so clearly. Over the years, while making art, I have begun to notice certain mental patterns emerge. Today I simply wanted to remind you to observe these habits in your own practice and allow them to be a tool to harness creativity. For example, when I begin a painting, the quality of my…

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Cloud Mountain


John Douglas, our featured artist for today, has a complex and provocative portfolio mostly composed of film and video works, and often veering into more heavily conceptual work that defies categorization.


A digitally rendered image of an oak treeOak & City

Having studied both art and architecture for a short time at Harvard, as well as serving in the United States army, John has an interesting palette of experiential reference to draw from in his work.…

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Kubrick inspired art


I've been noticing a trend of themed pop-art shows that are fun and a great way for artists to get exposure to big crowds. The subject matter is easy for gallery-goers to relate to and has instant context. The above image is for a Stanley Kubrick themed art show at San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery in September 2014. The image is a crop of the art by Tracie Ching based on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now check out the crowd on opening…

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An oil painting of a woman standing in front of a bear in the New York subwayExit Pursued by A Bear, oil on canvas


Matthew Grabelsky hold degrees in both art and astrophysics, lending an interesting perspective to his realistic representational paintings that combine very modern imagery and scenes with a touch of surrealism and classical embellishment. Grabelsky studied painting under great masters in Italy and France, allowing the viewer to see his contemporary conceptual style in a different, contrasting…

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Quote by Frida Kahlo about self-portraits


I haven't gone through a self-portrait phase per se, however I reference myself in my work all the time. My figures have often looked like me and I always thought it might be because I am most familiar with my own features and over all physical look. Frida Kahlo says it best in the quote above,  and I wanted to share it with you today because I thought it might give you a chance to think and notice if you somehow reference yourself…

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A photograph of an installation in a room featuring large sheets of fabric and coloured lightsDeflated/Defeated, wood, fabric, PVC pipe, dye, vinyl, thread, coloured lights

Jacqueline Bell Johnson is an L.A. based installation artist. Her works use a variety of natural and synthetic materials to create large, room-filling forms that range from rigid wire sculptures to billowing sheets of fabric and hanging objects draped across gallery spaces.


The visual experience that Jacqueline creates with her sculptural work causes the…

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A sculptural installation with a sheet of marble held upright by the tension of tiesAllure, allure marble, straps and eyebolts

Jose Davila is an artist based in New York whose work harkens back to the height of minimalism. He often uses raw materials, like marble slabs, only slightly altered by having neon-coloured straps wrapped around them – or square pieces of glass stacked in front of one another to create a gradient as the opacity increases


The simplicity of Jose’s works allows for calm contemplation of his…

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painting made with copper leaf

"Declaration" by Rebecca Chaperon 2011

Gold leaf has a historic place in painting as it was often used in painting icons and illumiated manuscripts. The reflective quality flashes as you move your position to look at it. Though some people still use actual gold leaf most artists use a composite metal that looks gold. You can also purchase metal leaf in composite silver, real silver and copper. In my painting above I used copper leaf to…

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A photo of assistants making work in Takashi Murakami's studio


Check out the studio space of Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami! Murakami is internationally known for his sizeable pieces often using repetitive patterns and duplicated images which emulate and anime, pop-art “superflat” style of cartoon artwork. To accommodate the scale and assembly-line type style of working required by his art, Murakami usually employs studio assistants to help him create the artwork, a few of which you…

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