Marble with a face design inside


Psychadelic little faces stare out from the glass spheres created by Mike Gong. How have I been ignorant to the fact that people make beautiful artwork inside marbles? These little guys are positively luminous and look as though they are about to let out a psychotic little giggle at any moment. I loved marbles as a kid, considered them a treasured object - not just a great schoolyard game. I would have been very unhappy to loose my…

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A brightly coloured acrylic painting of a city skyline, with imaginitive perpectiveI'll have a Manhattan, acrylic on canvas

Allen Wittert’s figures and portraits have something almost Cubist in them – perhaps the way the artist composes his subjects using coloured shapes and dark outlines, or perhaps the scenes that seem to combine many different physical points of view into one imagine in which the perspective is slightly and interestingly skewed. Either way, Allen creates paintings bursting with life.


An abstract painting with layered shapes and bright coloursOrbiting…

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Writing is an important aspect of any artistic career – not only what you write about your own work, i.e. artist statements or descriptions of pieces, but also the writing that is done about your work, once you get it out into the world where people can see it and have opinions about it.


Art critics and art writers help the art world turn by guiding trends in art and promoting artists who are making really interesting work. While…

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A close-up photograph of a person putting on a red sockUntitled (Study in Red), photographic print on paper

Christopher Williams studied at the California Institute of the Arts in the 1970’s, securing his position as one of the first and most well-known west coast conceptual artists. A photographer, Williams’ current practice consists of highly polished, minimalist photographs – most of which are staged, and taken in studio.


A photograph of a model wearing yellow next to a photographic colour guideKodak Three Point Reflection Guide / © 1968, Eastman…

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A printed and drawn image of brids landing on a wood plankReclaimed Tree with Nuthatches, intaglio printed woodgrain with ink drawing, Nicole Richards

This month for our Curated Collection, I’ve put together a set of artworks that are example of printmaking. Printmaking is such an immensely varied medium, allowing you to get a myriad of different results and types of imagery, depending on what technique you use. Some of the most well-known and commonly practiced types of printmaking are…

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A series of small oil paintings, each depicting one letter of the word "nowhere"Sometimes You Have To Go Up Really High To Realize How Small You Are, oil on canvas

Margaret Bowes, our featured artist for today, uses her artwork in a unique exploration of spaces both real and imagined, and our relationships to those spaces.


Working primarily in painting, Margaret crafts exquisite images that evoke feelings of familiarity and a certain, poignant lonesomeness. These are not all happy places, though some of them are…

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So you’ve been dreaming about having your work shown in a gallery – how do you go about making that a reality? There are a few different things you can do.


1) Get Organized!


Even if you've never had a formal show before, the gallery needs to see you as a professional. Make sure you have a well-organized portfolio for your work – if you're approaching the gallery in person, it's always a good plan to have a few top-quality…

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A photo of a house made of small sections of stained glassKolonihavehus, steel, found plexiglass, paint

Tom Fruin lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he creates artwork that utilizes found objects and street detritus in bright, attention grabbing installations and sculptures. Some of the material that Fruin uses could easily be seen as garbage to the layman – his Treasure Map, R.V. Ingersoll work is effectively a quilt, sewn of plastic Ziploc bags that once contained illicit drugs.…

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A photo of Jeff Koons sitting in his studio


This week on Studio Sunday we’re taking a look at the studio of Jeff Koons. Koons currently lives and works in both New York and Pennsylvania. He is most well known as one of the most successful pop-artists of our generation, creating works that most recently are focused on creating over-the-top reproductions of banal objects.


Koons’ main studio in New York is more of a factory or an office than the traditional home studios I…

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jJudith Ann Braun makes a finger painting


There is some special about using your hands to paint, kids know this. It's a different experience as there is literally nothing between the artist and their art. Creative energy must have an easier time travelling from artist to art in this scenario. Above we have a photo of artist Judith Ann Braun, her finger paintings are quite large in scale. Her finger-marks are dragged against the wall using wet charcoal as her paint.



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A magazine advertisement for a hair salonBeyond Salon

Sara Gonzales is a designer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she’s also our featured artist today! Working as a graphic designer, Sara creates advertisements, brochures, invitations and other communicative objects that are a perfect mix of information and aesthetics.


A billboard advertisement for LegoRobot Billboard


Website of Sarah Gonzales' design workAdvertising for Lego on Sara Gonzales' website

Designing primarily for advertisements in magazines and brochures, Sara must create layouts that…

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A charcoal drawing of a woman sitting in a chair, smoking and waiting for a phone to ringBusy, charcoal


Portfolio website of Leah Biggs' charcoal drawings.A gallery of Leah Biggs' charcoal drawings on her portfolio page

The artworks of Leah Biggs – particularly her stark charcoal drawings - echo the imagery of film noir of the 1940’s and 50’s. The drawings are in black and white and feature lone, faceless figures, placed near telephones.


An ink drawing of a rotary telephoneTelephone, ink

There is a palpable sense of unrest and loneliness in Leah’s drawings – the fact that the faces of her…

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