Heather Dahl


In this collection of works, I decided to focus on Three-dimensional art - that is, sculptural works, pottery, and other art that goes beyond the canvas, paper, or mural wall. Some of the artists featured in this collection produce furniture and other functional objects such as vases, bowls , and dishes, as well as abstract and figurative scultptural work. These interesting, tactile artworks can easily be present in a…

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mixed media

Katrina Alexy produces work that stands in a space between public art, and art for the gallery space – all while asking the viewer what exactly the difference is between public art and “private” art.

Suspended Nest, found wood

Katrina employs many different techniques in her work. On her website you can find examples of painting, collage, and sculpture. Much of Katrina’s work focuses on natural forms for public art – eggs,…

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Pink & Gold #4, mixed media

Emma Lehto uses her artwork as a typographic exploration into books, everyday objects, and seemingly innocuous materials. Emma’s work has a particular kind of softness to it that comes out in her use of fabrics, floral patterns and delicate sewing techniques. I enjoy how she offsets this quality with overt subject matter and images, such as in her profanity laced pillowcases, and delicate sewn-text works.



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Our artist for this Studio Sunday is Roy Lichtenstein. Born in Manhattan, New York, in 1923, Lichtenstein is best known as a painter, and as part of the pop-art movement of the 1960’s. Lichtenstein’s works reference the popular medium of comic books, as well as advertisements from the era.


These artworks were far from simples copies of comic-book pages, however. Lichtenstein’s work looked critically at the industrial and societal…

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Art for Life Auction - Vancouver, BC


1. Art auctions for non-profit organizations are a great way for an artist to gain exposure to new communities of art buyers.


2. Free advertising! Most of these organizations have advertising campaigns, social media and printed promotional material that can feature your work.


3. Let's your existing clients know that you are interested in generously giving back to your global or local…

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Drone Desert, sharpie pen and microns on paper

Artist and illustrator Sean Bernhardt was born in Long Branch, New Jersey. His works reflect a love of beach and surf culture.


Sean’s illustrations are at once minimal and intricate – high contrast, black and white line art featuring recurring motifs and text. Images of palm trees, skulls and skeletons create an interesting juxtaposition between lighthearted surf-and-sun imagery and…

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Keeping up to date with trends in technology might not sound like super fun times but having access to free promotion for your art career - who can turn that down? If you are new to Twitter then you can check out this previous introduction article: Twitter Tips For Artists


Did everyone see that reply? Replying with the "@".

When you are reading a Tweet you might notice that there is a handy reply function so you can instantly reply…

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When I look at these pieces by Ben Sack I feel like I'm looking through a de-magnifying lense at a massive etching. The detail in these works simply astounds. Somehow he manages to create a sense of space that has a slightly skewed 3-d sensibilty that is dizzying. The element of topography within these works gives me the sensation that I am gazing down at a city from an airplane window. 

Image source [1]

Image source [2]


Put yourself in the shoes of someone who likes your art and would love to own a piece, maybe today - maybe in the future. Are you 100% sure that this person would a) know that your work is available for sale and b) feel comfortable asking your for the price if they can't easily find it? Have you clearly and directly communicated about your art to these potential clients?


It would make sense that clients aren't always direct in…

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Cheryl Gilarsky is a painter who focuses on wildlife and landscape scenery in her subject matter. Her painting style is interestingly varied, and can range from very tight, realistic brush work, to a colourful, almost expressionist-like style.

Waterlillies, oil on canvas

Looking through Cheryl's online portfolio, I enjoy seeing this range of styles in action - her collection of wildlife paintings features the appearance of a moose in…

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I recently framed some work for an upcoming art show in L.A. . The work is rather modern feeling and has great geometric elements which lends itself well to a simple frame rather than an ornate one (in my humble opinion). The pieces are on canvas so I decided to use a front-loading frame - which means that the art is dropped in through the hole at the front of the frame rather than through the back. 


This means that you can see all…

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Garden Star Mosaic, digital print

Our featured artist for today is Agnes Friedlander. Agnes works with paint, as well as printmaking and collage. Many of her works feature large, bombastic floral imagery, while some, including most of her print works, simply celebrate colour and texture.


Magenta Gelli, gelli print

Agnes’ floral works are far from quiet. Her painting style is one that brings the subject matter to the forefront of the…

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