An abstract drawing created with various media and types of linesA form of extension, chalk pastel, charcoal, pencil, pencil crayon, paper, wire, string and glue

Today for our artist feature, let’s take a look at the artwork of Thea Yabut! Thea’s practice of abstract drawing uses lines and layers to create images that are both ethereal, and yet endowed with an incredible sense of depth.


A photo of a small wall installation of paper and inkConstant Negotiation, paper, ink, wire

An abstract drawing with layered lines and shapes in black and whiteDrawn Over

Many of Thea’s drawings are almost sculptural, or at…

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A small sculpture created from blue Lego blocks and a photograph of a buildingPerspective on Textile School, Lowell, Mass. diptych, digital c-print mounted on aluminum with UV laminate

Paul de Guzman creates installations that celebrate structure. His works have a collaged, somewhat unfinished aesthetic, often using books and architecture as their starting points.


In one recent installation series, Two sides of a flat surface are not the same, Paul uses the wooden skeleton of a stripped down wall as a kind of…

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A photo of some date paintings in On Kawara's New York studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is On Kawara! Kawara was born in Kariya, Japan, and followed his artistic career to New York in 1965, at the height of the New York conceptual art scene.


Pictured here is Kawara’s 13th street studio in Manhattan, filled with the artist’s famous date paintings. It’s interesting to think about working in such a way, where the subject of the painting is calculated and uniform, with only the…

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A photo of several hand made conceptual maps on the groundAtlas of Rennie, maps folded in standard paper map style

Allison Rennie’s artistic practice is heavily focused on the spiritual, including both personal exploration through writing and mapping, as well as a practice involving helping others achieve spiritual enlightenment and peace.


A detail of a handmade book with collaged photographsHandmade Book: Nuthatch (Page detail)

Bookbinding comes into Allison’s practice a lot. Many times this is documentation of meditative and spiritual…

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An abstract lithograph print with stringy circles and orange tonesFM - 2' 32", lithograph, monotype

Today’s featured artist is Tim Van Ginkel. Tim’s mixed-media works feature geometry and systems. His works look at methods of organizations and seem interestingly mathematical in nature.


A pink and purple-hued geometric abstract printPopulation Dynamics - I, lithograph, monotype, etching

I like the way Tim uses layers in his works – whether it be relatively simple line-art laid over a print, or a hazy mixture of overlapping colours and…

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An illustration of a universe sliding off the side of a tableEverything is Possible

These illustrated crystalline structures are by artist Karina Eibatova. Born in Russia and now based in London, Eibatova’s works focus on the spiritual and hopeful aspects of nature. She has a particular interest in crystals, space imagery, and flowers, often combining one or all of these ideas – sometimes with human figures – to create surreal, psychedelic illustrations.


An illustration of two crystal forms on paperAmazonite-Morganite

Eibatova works…

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An installation with some pieces of fabric trapped in a plexiglass boxForced Air

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Laine Godsey. Laine creates sculptural installation works. On the artist’s website,, the artworks are divided into titled exhibition categories. Each set of sculptures seems to revolve around a specific aesthetic theme.

An installation of bed springs and foam rolled into a "burrito"Bed Burrito

Laine’s works are highly textural, often using found objects including trash and other detritus that might be considered of little…

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A mixed-media painting of water lilies viewed from belowWater Lilies 34, mixed media on canvas

Today let’s look at the art portfolio of Sandra Martin! In her most recent work, Sandra focuses on water lilies, which in her paintings are portrayed from underneath the water, putting an interesting perspective on a traditional subject.


A painting of swirling, lightly abstracted clouds with deep coloursAmethyst Clouds, mixed media on canvas

The paintings of water lilies are created with a series of layered washes, and in the finishing touches, Sandra adds a…

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A 1982 photo of Iza Genzken working in her studio


Isa Genzken is perhaps one of the most important and well-known female artists of the 20th century. Born in Germany, her practice has included all mediums – from painting, to photography, to public sculptures and books. In North America she is still most well known for her assemblage sculptures, where she uses found objects and raw materials in innovative, alien constructions.


In the above photo of her studio, it looks like…

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A photograph of a piece of a car's headlight, with a logo sticker on itVanitas: Shrapnel 4, digital print

This multimedia work is by Shawn Olin Jordan, today’s featured artist. Shawn’s works span a variety of concepts and concerns. I notice a theme of interactions with space, whether that be human interactions that happen in very particular settings, or the manipulation of spaces and settings themselves. Shawn uses the mediums of video, installation, photography, and painting to explore these ideas.…


A photograph of a sun-dappled field of green grass

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A painting of a deserted gas station at nightIntroduction to the Pump, oil on canvas

Trevor Young’s quiet night time paintings express a view of modern life that isn’t often seen, or only seen by those who happen to wander about at night. The artist’s images of, in particular, deserted gas stations in the middle of the night, are strangely nostalgic for me, and while they have the potential to seem menacing or creepy, in fact they seem peaceful, and the deserted nature of the…

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A stoneware sculpture of a happy monster in a striped shirtInnocence, stoneware clay, underglazed, glazed and stained

Leanne Schnepp’s portfolio is filled with beautifully crafted sculptured and ceramics. Each piece of Leann’s mythical, lively pottery is bursting with personality!


A wall-hanging sculpture of a woman representing the element of waterDive In (Water), wall-hanging sculpture

Leanne’s artworks are the type that I feel compelled to touch and hold. They all seem to have a lovely, satisfying texture to them, appearing smooth and perfectly…

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Two hand made knitted pillow casesKnit and Entrelac Pillows, peruvian merino

Sarah Tremaine is a painter, an avid textile artist and our featured artist for today! Based in Charlottesville, Connecticut, Sarah creates works that are both beautiful and functional.


A painting of a flower market in front of an old buildingFlower Market

I really like the way Sarah categorizes her fibre arts into seasons. Whether you’re searching for a light spring scarf, or woolly winter home accessories, Sarah makes it all. The artist mainly…

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An installation view of fingerprint made of luminous cable attached to a tree trunkLight Pulse, Galvanized wire mesh, EL wire, "strong" driver, twist ties, duct and electrical tape

Our featured artist today is Wynne Palmer! Wynne’s work uses varied mediums that often come in the form of installations with audio-visual, electronic, and digital components. Many of Wynne’s works focus on senses of identity and technology within a collective consciousness.


A photograph of sea anemones underwater.Polyp, photograph

The front page of Wynne Palmer's art

I can see a thread of…

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A photo of Damien Hirst in his studio in England


Our studio Sunday artist today is Damien Hirst. Hirst is currently well known for being the highest-paid living artist. Some of his works are made with such valuable materials as precious metals and preserved animals.


Hirst’s main studio is located in Stroud, Gloucester, in the rural English countryside. The entire studio building takes up 9000 square feet! Most of the action happens in a large or warehouse-like space, pictured…

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